Keystone Information Sales and Services

Keystone Information Sales and Services:

What's new...

We are currently working on a number of web sites presenting information on a variety of topics.

We've recently entered into an agreement to supply encryption equipment to various departments of the Federal Govrnment.

New sites and subjects are constantly under development. A page is being planned abd will be added to track and link our many sites.

We've also enterned into a joint venture to offer additional research website and content services. More on this important effort to follow.

Much more to come! Keep an eye on this tab as well as new pages for detailed information as it comes available.

Our Objective...

Keystone ISS Inc's web sites are first and foremost a valuable information resource for the communities which they serve.

Keystone offers a variety of products including information products and services through a variety of outlets, we pride ourselves in being a source for useable and reliable information.

Jeffrey M. Coney, CEO

Has led the firm since its inception in 2002, Mr. Coney, a self described "information junkie" has been involved in many areas of interest contained in our web sites.

Keystone ISS Staff:

This is predominately a family business but all areas of interest are areas that our staff members have a genuine interest in and can speak to from personal experience.

Subject Mater Experts:

We provide information from other knowledgeable sources, experts who write for our sites and offer the fruits of their experiences for more information about SME's please view the information on this page.


The process for sharing your knowledge is simple:

We strongly recommend that you read the information available on out 'Be a SME' and 'Policy' web pages as all submissions are subject to the stipulations on those pages. By submitting any information, article or other materials you are acknowledging our policies and signifying agreement with them.

Complete the form on this page and click on SEND.

We will review your submission and respond as soon as possible. This usually only takes a couple days but could take as much as 7-10 days depending on our workload at the time.

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If you have a long article, graphics or other type of submission to make please send it to and include the following information.

  • Your name
  • Who we should credit the information to; Please indicate if you prefer anonymity.
  • The information/articles title and subject.
  • The site and or section of the site you area submitting it for.
  • The body of the submission (article or other input).
  • Any other information which you feel is pertinent and we should know.

If submitting file/attachments we can accept the following formats:

  • PDF
  • MS Word.Doc (any version up to 2007)
  • RTF
  • ASCII Text
  • HTML
  • VSD (MS Visio up to 2003)
  • Most CAD or graphics formats

For any other format please use the form above to tell us about the format and program, including version that you'd like to use before submitting.

All inbound and outbound files are scanned for malicious code and virus infestation.