Keystone Information Sales and Services

Keystone Information Sales and Services:

What's new...

We are currently working on a number of web sites presenting information on a variety of topics.

We've recently entered into an agreement to supply encryption equipment to various departments of the Federal Govrnment.

New sites and subjects are constantly under development. A page is being planned abd will be added to track and link our many sites.

We've also enterned into a joint venture to offer additional research website and content services. More on this important effort to follow.

Much more to come! Keep an eye on this tab as well as new pages for detailed information as it comes available.

Our Objective...

Keystone ISS Inc's web sites are first and foremost a valuable information resource for the communities which they serve.

Keystone offers a variety of products including information products and services through a variety of outlets, we pride ourselves in being a source for useable and reliable information.

Jeffrey M. Coney, CEO

Has led the firm since its inception in 2002, Mr. Coney, a self described "information junkie" has been involved in many areas of interest contained in our web sites.

Keystone ISS Staff:

This is predominately a family business but all areas of interest are areas that our staff members have a genuine interest in and can speak to from personal experience.

Subject Mater Experts:

We provide information from other knowledgeable sources, experts who write for our sites and offer the fruits of their experiences for more information about SME's please view the information on this page.

Future Sites and Subjects...

In addition to web sites we are currently performing pre-release testing on or currently have in development we have a large number of information repositories which we have slated for conversion and plans for web site development.

This list is still growing so please check this page from time to time. If you do not see a topic or subject that you have an interest in feel free to suggest it. We're always interested in hearing from the public. If you have something to contribute to a current or planned area of interest we'd like to hear from you and suggest that you review our submission page and SME program.

We have domain names for many of these sites and a rough time frame which we will maintain and periodically update on this web page.

You'll find that many of our topics and subjects center on self sufficiency and the do-it-yourself attitude.

Stamp Collecting - As an avid stamp collector of 41 years and information junkie all of my life, as well as a nice little collection, I've amassed a huge collection of information. Coney's Stamps:, which is currently in progress is the information repository that I always wanted to find but couldn't.

Survival & Self Sufficiency- We've all seen the disasters, both man made and nature's in recent years. We intend to dedicate a site to disaster recovery and preparation, knowledge and skills needed in extreme circumstances and with limited resources. This includes hard information and facts to aid you in preparation and dealing with these events, the aftermath and recovery. We'll also provide information for those who wish to reduce or even eliminate their dependency on others, be it the government, utilities, repair companies etc. Here we'll get into information that is covered in other sites but dive a little deeper into various topics such as growing and preparing food, fuel and other basics of life.

Business Help - Help, advice and resources for those who want to start a business of their own. from selecting an company name and form to accounting and everything else.

Railroading - A huge repository of railroad, subway, trolley and even some tug boat photos, intomation and memorabilia. Predominantly from the Boston-NYC-NJ-Penna-Baltimore area of the notrtheast. However, you'll find infomraiton and photos from other areas as well.

Scale Railroader - Model Railroading at it's best. Basic train information, discussions on scales, eras and decisions a new model railroads need to make or keep in mind for the future. We'll cover railroad history, building a platform, electronic how-to projects, rolling stock, engines, Computer control for the beginner through advanced and much more.

U Can Do That! - How things work, how to fix, create, build or in some cases destroy anything and everything. The target audience is the home owner and apartment dweller. With a little basic knowledge most people can amazing things. We intend to cover everything from the basics of keeping house to rebuilding an engine. How a three way switch works to painting a room. Tips, tricks and even temporary "jerry rigs" to hold things off of until payday.

Conservation - We do acknowledge the need for a modicum of frugality and conservation of our natural and man made resources. This includes in depth articles dealing with improving fuel consumption, ways to conserve and or generate alternate forms of energy. Future technologies which will improve our utilization of resources. Things we all can do to reduce the strain on our wallets, our environment and our health without giving all of our creature comforts and benefits of progress.

Economics - A primer on house hold and family economics. Back to the basics without eating leftovers every night. Information on personal finances including tried and rue methods for saving, debt reduction or even elimination. Retirement, investments and saving programs for the average person. Answers to questions like "how much do I budget for what" and "on my income how much should I spend on a car? a refrigerator? Christmas?". Forget what real estate and predatory mortgage agents tell you how much can your really spend?

e-Commerce - An on line store offering products supporting many of the areas of interest to our users. We will sell products that we recommend but we don't recommend items just because we sell them. We select items to sell based on our experience and knowledge. Other products will include collectibles and information products.

Information products will include but are not limited to the contents of our sites for off-line use and for the ease and convenience of our users/public. unlike other information products, the cost of those CDs and DVD's will be based on and limited to the cost of the time and effort to produce them.

Coins & Currency - Coin and Currency collecting, predominately U.S. but of interest to those abroad as well.Our target audience is the beginner to the expert and everyone in-between. If you are looking for some quick information to make start collecting, are looking for some advanced identification equipment and techniques or aren't really interested in collecting and only need some investment information and advice this is the place for you.